Vale Stuart Devlin

The Australian Coin Collecting Blog has noted the peaceful passing on 12th April 2018 of the beloved designer Stuart Devlin AO whose designs adorn coins of many countries including many of those you have in your pocket or wallet right now. The designer of the platypus 20 cent, the iconic mob of roos dollar, the teeny echidna 5 cent, in fact Mr Devlin designed all of Australia’s standard decimal coin reverses that have been in circulation since 1966 (except the $2 coin). Not only has Mr Devlin designed coins, but also silver art pieces, gold jewellery, sculptures, furniture and he’s even designed houses. A book Stuart Devlin Designer, Goldsmith, silversmith written by his wife Carole Devlin and her sister Victoria Kate Simkin was recently published detailing his life’s work and includes a biography which is a tribute to his achievements.

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