The Perth Numismatic Society Inc holds meetings on the last Wednesday of every month except December, commencing 7.00pm, and visitors are welcome to attend.

John McGrath Hall
97 Hensman St
South Perth

Hensman St runs off Sandgate St, the John McGrath Complex is across the oval from the South Perth Community Centre. There is plenty of off-street parking available right in front of the Hall.

John McGrath complex


26 January (AUSTRALIA DAY) – No-reserve Tender Sale
23 February – Invited Speaker (Robert Russell – Proclamation coins and coins used in Early Australia), Tender Sale
30 March – Short talks, No-reserve Tender Sale
27 April – TOPIC: Unusual Numismatic items, Tender Sale THIS MEETING IS BEING HELD IN THE COLLINS ST CENTRE
25 May – TOPIC: Numismatic items from countries that no longer exist, No-reserve Tender Sale
29 June – TOPIC: Numismatic items made from non-standard materials, QUIZ: $1 entrance, half moneys collected to winner, half to PNS, Tender Sale
27 July – Annual General Meeting, TOPIC: Transportation on Numismatic items, No-reserve Tender Sale
31 August – TOPIC: Numismatic errors and forgeries, Tender Sale
28 September – TOPIC: New Zealand numismatics, No-reserve Tender Sale
26 October – TOPIC: South American numismatics, Donation Sale
30 November – TOPIC: African numismatics, Reserve Tender Sale

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