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The Perth Numismatic Society Inc (PNS) covers all aspects of numismatics, and is the Western Australia sponsoring society for the Numismatic Association of Australia. The PNS holds regular Coin, Medal, Banknote and Stamp fairs. Membership is made up of collectors and dealers, and is open to individuals in Australia and overseas.


The Perth Numismatic Society Inc was founded in 1965.


  • The Society shall encourage the study of Numismatics in all its branches by the holding of meetings and exhibitions, reading of papers and discussions, and publishing of Newsletters and Journals.
  • The Society shall assist its members in the study and acquisition of numismatic specimens, and provide education in the field of Numismatics.
  • The Society shall encourage sound and methodical collecting practices.

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  • TBA

Vice Patron

  • Prof. John Melville-Jones

Office Bearers

  • President: Prof. Walter Bloom
  • Vice-President: Dick Pot
  • Secretary: John McD
  • Treasurer: Zac Ting

Other Officers

  • Membership Secretary: Sandra V
  • Events Coordinator: Walter Bloom
  • Caterer: Lucie Pot
  • Journal Editor: John McD
  • Public Relations Officer: Paul S
  • Website Manager: Walter Bloom

Ordinary Committee Members

  • Charles C
  • Syd P
  • Sandy S
  • Sandra V

PNS Constitution

The Constitution of the Perth Numismatic Society Inc can be found here.

Direct Deposit

  • Account name: Perth Numismatic Society
  • Bank: National Bank Australia
  • Bank BSB: 086217
  • Account Number: 508242019

Web Designer and Sponsor

  • Zac Ting