Buckingham Pewter reopens

7th November 2016 – Buckingham Pewter is back in action! The business is now under new management with Travis Hayto taking over. Buckingham Pewter is proud that the business is still in the family so the same level of quality and service is to be expected. The same hand crafted service will now continue and concentrate on Australian made items as it has done for 34 years.

15th September 2016 – Buckingham Pewter is closing and will not be accepting any new orders as from today. This is just another sad chapter in the demise of local manufacturing. Buckingham Pewter has been very helpful to the Perth Numismatic Society, both in its production of our 50th anniversary medallion and also in providing information for the WA Numismatica website. I wish the parent Company Bladon WA all the best for the future.

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