Forged 1oz 2000 kookaburra

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In case you thought that forgery of Australian coins was restricted to rarities, have a look at the following 1oz kookaburra and compare it with the genuine coin at World Coin Gallery.

1oz silver kookaburra forgery (2000) 31g, 40mm
Forged 1oz 2000 kookaburra
Australia 1oz 2000 kookaburra
Genuine 1oz 2000 kookaburra

The forged coin is silver plated, it has the correct weight of 31g and the correct diameter 40mm, and at first glance looks to be the genuine article. But there are differences, it only has a silver finish and the the most obvious difference is the replacing of ‘1 DOLLAR’ on the obverse by ‘2000’. This ‘mistake’ was done on purpose so that the coin cannot be classed as a forgery!

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  1. Brian O'Hart

    Would you please advise the best way or materials available to clean coins. eg pennies , current silver and bronze (? ) decimal currency coins.
    Sincere thanks- hope you can assist.
    Brian O’Hart

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