The Perth Numismatic Society Inc (PNS) covers all aspects of numismatics, and is the Western Australia sponsoring society for the Numismatic Association of Australia. The PNS holds regular Coin, Medal, Banknote and Stamp fairs. Membership is made up of collectors and dealers, and is open to individuals in Australia and overseas.

Latest News

Coronavirus cancellations - After careful consideration the Management Committee has decided to cancel the next three meetings of the Perth Numismatic Society:Wednesday 25 March, Wednesday 29 April, Wednesday 27 May, together with the fair scheduled for Saturday 16 May, with later events to be reviewed after … Continued
Australia’s newest coin dealer - Imperial Numismatics in Perth is Australia’s newest coin dealer. The business is run by Jonathan Cohen, a local collector and trader with 10 years experience in the field of Numismatics. Jonathan has specialist knowledge in Ancients and in particular, the … Continued
Wednesday 26 September – Invited talk - John Wheatley ‘Early history of the Bank of New South Wales including the opening of branches in Perth and Fremantle’ The history of the Bank of New South Wales “the Bank” mirrors the history of Australia. Prior to the commencement … Continued
Friday 21 September 2018 – International Numismatic Auction - Mowbray International Numismatic Auction 575 lots, West Plaza Hotel, 12 noon, Wellington, New Zealand Catalogue with photos of all lots available on line now. Please ask for a free printed copy: Mowbray catalogue, +64 (0)6 3648270 or email auctions@nullmowbrays.co.nz
Vale Stuart Devlin - The Australian Coin Collecting Blog has noted the peaceful passing on 12th April 2018 of the beloved designer Stuart Devlin AO whose designs adorn coins of many countries including many of those you have in your pocket or wallet right … Continued

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