The Perth Numismatic Society Inc (PNS) covers all aspects of numismatics, and is the Western Australia sponsoring society for the Numismatic Association of Australia. The PNS holds regular Coin, Medal, Banknote and Stamp fairs. Membership is made up of collectors and dealers, and is open to individuals in Australia and overseas.

Latest News

Buckingham Pewter closes - Buckingham Pewter is closing and will not be accepting any new orders as from today. This is just another sad chapter in the demise of local manufacturing. Buckingham Pewter has been very helpful to the Perth Numismatic Society, both in … Continued
Forged 1oz 2000 kookaburra - In case you thought that forgery of Australian coins was restricted to rarities, have a look at the following 1oz kookaburra and compare it with the genuine coin at World Coin Gallery. The forged coin is silver plated, it has … Continued
Valentine’s Day – Decimal Currency - Today is the 50th anniversary of the introduction of decimal currency in Australia.
Perth Money Expo - The yearly ANDA Show in Perth is now the Perth Money Expo, with a new look. Taking place on the weekend of 27-28 February 206 at the Domain Stadium (Subiaco Oval), Gate 5, there is a full range of local … Continued
Perth Numismatic Society Coin, Medal, Stamp, Banknote and Stamp fair 2016 - The second Perth Numismatic Society Coin, Medal, Stamp, Banknote and Stamp fair for 2016 will take place on Saturday 30 April at the South Perth Community Centre.