Coronavirus cancellations

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After careful consideration the Management Committee has decided to cancel the next three meetings of the Perth Numismatic Society:
Wednesday 25 March, 
Wednesday 29 April,
Wednesday 27 May,
together with the fair scheduled for Saturday 16 May, with later events to be reviewed after the end of May. 
While I know that this will be a disappointment to many of you, we cannot put at risk our many members who are elderly and/or have serious medical conditions.
It is the case that there are relatively few confirmed cases in Perth, but the virus spreads very quickly. For example, just four weeks ago Italy reported three cases; that country now (16 March 2020) has 24,747 cases with 1,809 deaths. There is also the issue that the reported number of cases (currently 17 in WA) might actually be substantially higher as tests for Coronavirus become more available. This is especially the situation in the United States where the first (rather limited) round of tests was found to be faulty.
Our governments, both Federal and State/Territory, have been very slow to react to this growing threat because of both political and economic concerns, but it looks like they are finally realising the gravity of this calamity. The lesson to be learnt from overseas is that any inconvenience in reacting quickly doesn’t compare with the inevitable disaster when the virus takes hold.

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