The Perth Numismatic Society Inc was founded in 1965.


  • The Society shall encourage the study of Numismatics in all its branches by the holding of meetings and exhibitions, reading of papers and discussions, and publishing of Newsletters and Journals.
  • The Society shall assist its members in the study and acquisition of numismatic specimens, and provide education in the field of Numismatics.
  • The Society shall encourage sound and methodical collecting practices.


Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO

Vice Patron

Prof. John Melville-Jones

Office Bearers

President: Prof. Walter Bloom
First Vice-President: Ben S
Second Vice-President: Jim H
Secretary: Prof. Walter Bloom
Treasurer: Alan P
Membership Secretary: Sandra V
Minutes Secretary: Joe B
Fellowship Officer: Jim S
Auditor: Rowley B
Events Coordinator: Mike McAndrew
Journal Editor: John McD

Ordinary Committee Members

John G
Miles G
Ray P
Tom K

Perth Numismatic Society Website Designer and Sponsor

Mark Nemtsas, The Purple Penny